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Cabin Defender

You have had it with all these knights coming to steal your food. all you want is for them to get off your property. Time to put that old engineering degree to use and make some defense turrets. From the humble single shooter to the might mortar and machine gun.

The game was written in a custom made engine with a component based architecture.

I focused my attention on the coding aspect and as such the UI is very limited.


My Experience

This was one of my larger projects. The framework did not have all the features that I needed, but I was able to add them to the engine. I did enjoy it since it learned me a lot about the structure of game engines and 3D rendering.

Libraries used

  • DirectX11

  • Nvidia PhysX.

  • Fmod


Tools Used

  • Visual Studio 2017

  • 3DSMAX

  • PhotoShop

  • Mixamo for npc Models

Some code snippets
Base turret

This is the base turret class all turrets inherit from this class. It implements the targeting, rotation, and firing.

Machine Gun turret

The machine gun is a tier 2 turret. Its special is that at LVL5 it will spawn a second turret on top. All subsequent upgrades are propagated to this turret as well. The upper turret can spawn a new turret of its own as well.

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