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My contributions


  • Level scripting

  • Victory conditions

  • Pickups

  • Spells


  • Gateway

  • particles 

Programs used

  • Unreal Engine

  • Visual Studio

  • 3DS MAX

  • Adobe Photoshop

Made with

You are a demon stranded upon a frost world trying to return to hell.

Try to find the needed gate piece while your energy is slowly drained away by to frozen wasteland. If that isn't bad enough the natives are getting restless.

Hellfrost is a horror survival game created in a 3 day game jam. Created using the unreal Engine.


Hellfrost was created in a 3-day game jam and it learned a lot about working under time pressure. The people who worked with me on this project were fantastic at what they did.

My Experience
Blueprint sample

Due to the large map we wanted to be able to place the pickups fast without needing to check their height. I added this to the spawn section to ensure all pickups are spawned on the ground.

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