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Going Knots


Going knots was a VR game created for Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding. It was created as an experiment on how augmented reality elements could help improve and aid the crew of a navy ship.


We initially had 2 different game modes in mind. One where the player controls the weapon and defense system. And another where the player had to respond to a fire onboard.

My Experience

This was my first experience with creating a project that was meant for an outside client. That meant that we had to regularly give updates and request feedback from the client on the current progress and any major changes that we had done to the design.



This showed me how sometimes what we considered good mechanics were not desired by the client.




Programs used

  • Unreal engine (blueprinting)

My contributions

  • VR interactive elements

  • Warmap interaction and grid visuals

  • Combat

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