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Flotsam is a survival and town-building hybrid game currently in closed alpha. It is being developed by Pajama Llama studio in Belgium. I worked on the game for 4 months as a gameplay programmer intern. Since Pajama Llama studio is a small indie studio I also helped with UI programming and tool development.


Tools Used

  • Visual Studio

  • Unity Engine

Language used

  • C#

My work

As a gameplay programmer, I worked on prototyping new features, fixing bugs and changing code to changed game design. Due to that Pajama Llama studio having a small development team the tasks that I did vary from scope and subject.

UI programming

I worked on the auto-generation of the construction creation menu. My work made it so that the menu was created at runtime so when new constructions were added no change was required to the UI to add a construction button.


Gameplay programming

I added a way for players to control the speedof the world. This mean that several problems with the physics and game logic needed to be fixed when the game speed was altered. I added different game speeds the worked properly with the physics and a function to stop time but still allow the player to place construction and give orders.


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