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Deputy Donut


Deputy donut is a fun coop split-screen demolition derby style game created in Unity.​

The player becomes either the donut crazed police officer or an innocent donut truck driver. how fast can the police destroy the donut truck and steal its delicious cargo And how long can the donut truck survive the onslaught?


My Experience

While creating this game I learned a great deal about working with teams instead of creating everything by your lonesome. Both the fun part of working with great people as the downside of having to inspect code not your own to see where something is going wrong. Overall this was my most fun project to work on


Programs used

  • Unity

  • Visual Studio

  • 3DS MAX

  • Adobe Photoshop

Made with

My contributions

  • Vehicle ability's

  • Environmental hazards

  • spline visualization for npc movement

  • Visual feedback from damage

  • Pickups

  • General bug fixing

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